Info thermohouse insulation

Info on reed insulation boards for thermohouse insulation

Info on insulated heated ground floors

Engineering services:

  • Building energy surveys
  • Planning of retrofit measures inclusive cost assessment
  • Consulting in energy efficient design and construction details
  • Passive solar design concepts
  • Site supervision and quality management of thermo-insulation measures
  • Monitoring and evaluation of energy efficiency in building
  • Research and development of adopted technologies

Training services:

  • Theoretical and practical trainings for craftsmen
  • Short-term trainings for job-creation in house insulation and green production technologies
  • Further education seminars and trainings for vocational school teachers and masters
  • Moderated planning-workshops with residents/users, facility managers, etc.
  • Information events for the general public

House thermo-insulation services:

  • Carrying out of thermo-insulation retrofit works by our CEEBA-trained craftsmen (brigade) under supervision of our engineers

Results of energy survey

Theoretical training for heat floor builder, Naryn

Reed insulation board produced in accordance with CEEBA quality standards