KYRGYZSTAN: KR President signs the law "On Energy Efficiency of Buildings"

President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Roza Otunbaeva signed the law "On Energy Efficiency of Buildings", which was adopted by deputies of Jogorku Kenesh on June 30, 2011.The adopted law, as the press-service of KR President reported, establishes the legal frameworks for the energy efficiency assessment and reducing energy consumption by buildings, energy efficient construction, as well as regulates the legal and organizational relationships among the building owners regardless of the form of ownership, certified specialists and relevant government bodies.

This law extends for housing, public, administrative and multi-functional non-industrial buildings, their technical systems, as well as for the activities related to energy efficiency in buildings during their designing and construction; commissioning for exploitation; leasing; selling and following the energy renovation of buildings.

State regulation of energy efficiency of buildings according to the adopted law is exercised by the state authorized body in ensuring and implementation of a single state policy in fuel and energy area and by the state authority on architecture and construction.

Source: (August 2, 2011)